How to write winning cold sales emails in less than a DAY to book sales calls quickly with new 1-1 clients

Targeting the right recipient is the #1 way to set your cold email up for success.

But where do you find your lead / cold email recipient? I’ll show you where & how to find their email address. Plus, you'll get a never-before-released cold email template.

Brand new webinar!

How to Get a Steady Influx of New Clients with Just One Email

If all those marketing efforts of yours are barely working out, you’ll love finding out:

-> Which marketing tactics take TOO LONG to generate revenue with a hard-to-track ROI -- and how to tell if it’s time to stop those tactics so you can refocus on what every entrepreneur needs: high-performing marketing focused on high-returns

-> How to keep a steady flow of hot new leads coming in while ALSO making money

-> The marketing tactic I do for 4 hrs/month that generates enough revenue to carry me through the entire year

-> How this tactic grew my revenue 38% in 1 year: even with Covid still happening

Plus, in the first 7 minutes: What’s WIIFM and why you should be using it

Some of my favorite resources

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  • FG Funnels: a flexible, smart alternative to ClickFunnels. Duplicate a funnel with the click of a button. Literally. Your new funnel will be ready in 2 mins. This software is snazzy and saves me so much energy in testing, experimenting, and creating new sales funnels. Created by Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson, the brilliant minds behind FG Gorgeous. PS - the kicker for me -- you get design templates! - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions