"The workshop last night was SO helpful!

Cold emailing has always felt really daunting and heavy to me. Now it feels almost like a fun project. Thanks again!!"

-- Brynn Johnson, certified life coach

"Laura's framework for cold outreach works. Using her experience I created a new channel of inbound traffic with leads that were actually excited to hear from me (and hire me)."

-- Jesse G., marketing consultant

Freelancers, copywriters and strategists...

A new masterclass:

how cold emails bring you

The best clients, more money, and

make you fall in love with your business all over again

In 60 mins (or less), I'll show you why you're gonna be the newest raving fan of the world's most hated marketing strategy...

Cold emails. Yep, those cold emails.

And why they're my proven secret sauce to sustainable, successful marketing in just 4 hrs/week.


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    If all those marketing efforts of yours are barely working out, you'll love finding out...

    INSIGHT #1:

    Which marketing tactics take TOO LONG to get new clients and how to tell if it's time to stop those tactics, so you can refocus on high-performing marketing to get high returns of better clients

    INSIGHT #2:

    How to keep a steady influx of hot new leads coming in while ALSO making money

    INSIGHT #3:

    The marketing tactic I do for 12 hrs/month that generates enough revenue to carry me through the entire year


    What's a WARM cold email and why you should be using it


    Cold Email & Pitch Expert


    Laura Lopuch is a cold email and pitch expert who helps strategists, consultants, web designers, copywriters, and marketers make more sales naturally with warm cold emails.

    Four months after launching her business, she grew it by 1400%, using only cold emails. Laura’s success continued when one of her cold emails brought in a $20,000 client. She has since helped her students get their next big $10k or $25k client with cold pitch emails, using her powerful ‘The WARM Cold Email Method.’

    Laura has delivered cold email trainings for Copyhackers, the founders of conversion copywriting. She wrote a wildly viral article for Copyhackers, was featured on highly-ranked outlets like CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, Predictable Revenue, and Unbounce. She has also spoken at conferences like MicroConf and Shine Bootcamp.

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