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Wish you had a simple, secret weapon of getting clients on­-demand tucked in your back pocket?

Zero Opens to Full Pipeline: a PROVEN step-by-step system for service providers, freelancers, and consultants to get new clients on demand.

Without an email list, social media following, referral network, or expensive team.

If this program helps you get an extra two $5k new clients a month,

this training is worth at least $120,000/year.

In a flurry of rage and "so f'ing over it", I'd just quit my full-time, salaried job.

This was the second time I'd quit.

First time, it hadn't stuck and I'd come back to my same position, only to realize that:

I was done.

Inside of me was a deep yearning to create my own business and solve bigger problems than clocking enough billable hours to pay for my boss' 3rd cruise of the year.

I was made for more than chaining my butt to a rolling desk chair, skin glowing from the fluorescent lights overhead.

Fueled by that "so over it" rage, I quit.

Next day, on the first of May, I boarded a Southwest heart-stamped plane for a weekend away to sunny San Diego with my husband and our two friends.

All weekend long, I pushed away the thought:

"How am I gonna make this business thing work?

"How will I get clients?"

Until I returned home on Monday and faced the true seriousness of where I was:

I had one client who paid $200 on a GOOD month.

And zero idea of how to get more clients.

Especially more lucrative ones that, say, paid $1,000+ for a project. Those elusive clients that I'd only heard about from freelancers, service providers or consultants further along on their journey.

On that rainy May Monday in Colorado, I faced the ugly truth:

No marketing budget.

No network to tap for referrals.

No idea HOW to attract new clients.

And a burning need to make money and get new clients FAST, i.e., before the end of the month so I could make my mortgage (and, yes, prove to my husband and myself that I *could* do this entrepreneur thing).

I started sending cold emails. To leads who needed the copywriting services I was offering.

I wrote those cold emails the way I'd been taught to write business emails, only ...

Nobody replied.

For 90 days, I kept sending cold emails, getting no replies, refining those emails, and repeating to meet my weekly goal of sending 25 cold emails.

I kept getting no replies.

In the pit of my stomach writhed an ugly, black feeling,

What if nobody's replying because my offer sucks?

Because I'm not good enough?

So I tried some other methods while I kept cold emailing, like:

... Getting more followers on Twitter (other than Justin Bieber fans seeking Biebs who must've mistakenly followed me in a drunken haze of Tweeting)

... Hunting down companies on Linkedln hiring for full-time employees and cold emailing them to pitch using a contractor (me!) until they hired

... Finding my ideal lead on Linkedln and sending them a message, only -- I didn't know if they were opening my messages or just deleting them (ah, the days before that insight)

... Joining a few Facebook Groups and keeping an eagle-eye on the comments, waiting for a question that I could jump on and answer, and -- hopefully -- that'd magically transform them into a client

One day, my husband said:

"I think you might need to start looking for another job while you work to get your business off the ground," my husband kindly suggested.

So I dusted off my resume and started applying to jobs.

In my stomach churned a sick feeling that maybe I wasn't cut out for being an entrepreneur.

Maybe I was wrong.

I felt like I was made for more, but...

... what if I wasn't?

One sunny afternoon, I sat at a black-topped table in a café bakery that was quieting from the lunchtime rush. Across from me was the bearded café manager who looked to be just a few years older than me.

Was that gonna be me in a few years?

He offered me a fulltime job working the café counter for $700 a month.

Even though I'd been sending out 100 cold emails a month for the last 3 months ...

... and I'd had several sales calls ...

... nobody had hired me.

I walked out of that café bakery, feeling beaten down and defeated.

I was gonna take that job.

I needed the money.

That afternoon, my husband and I went to an estate sale in an upscale neighborhood.

Before getting out of the car, I checked my email.

And squealed.

A lead I had cold emailed replied and wanted me to write a case study for them for $500.

That was nearly a month of working 40 hrs/wk at the bakery.

I called the bakery manager and said no thanks to their job offer. And I dove headfirst into sending more cold emails and doing the best damn job for my brand-new client.

I'd cracked the code on successful cold emails:

The Relevancy Method.

To see success from cold emails, you need to write hyper-relevant cold emails by using The Relevancy Method.

Which boils down to:

How relevant is your cold email to your reader's hope, dreams, and motivations?

I kept using this method.

And I kept getting replies to my cold emails.

A few weeks later from one cold email, I signed what would become a $20,000 client and a long­-term relationship.

That experience made me wonder:

"What if clients came to me?

What if I didn't need a fancy-schmancy marketing plan?"

My biggest question was:

Would The Relevancy Method work in other types of pitches?

So I started pitching guest posts for top biogs in my industry, like KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.

I got invited to appear on podcasts and more guest posts.

And then, into my inbox came emails that said,

"Hey Laura, saw your blog post on Copyhackers. I'd love to work with you. When can we talk?"

Every day, I get clients asking to work with me...

...because of my cold email pitches, like this:

Now, six years after I started my business with just one $200/month client, I do zero marketing content creation...

...and I make a solid 5-figures working just 12 hrs/wk.

No constant posting on Twitter or Linkedln.

No ever-running lnstagram story creation or swearing over writing The Perfect IG caption.

No weekly blog post or producing of a podcast episode, YouTube episode.

Instead, I send cold emails and pitches.

Because of cold emails and pitching.

And you can do the same


Inside this online program, you'll learn how to use cold emails and pitching to get clients who are hot to work with you.

Without an email list, Facebook ads, or referral network.

Heck, you don't even need a website.

Or have settled on a niche.

(Play the field -- no judgment here.)

Instead of throwing your available hours at endless content creation and hoping that your post catches the eye of a prospective lead who *might* be interested in working with you ...

... or being insanely helpful by answering questions inside Facebook Groups, crossing your fingers that one will DM you with the golden, "Loved your advice, how can I work with you?"

... or thinking that you're not brave enough to cold email somebody.

Psst, you are.

Because you were brave enough to start a business, thereby making you 99% braver than everybody who dreams about it -- but never takes action.

Cold emails and pitching get a bad rap.

Blame the "spray and pray" approach to cold emailing. That insidious myth that to get 1 client, you gotta send l,000s of crappy emails. That, essentially, cold emailing is a numbers game.

It ain't.

Not when you cold email and pitch the way I'll teach you.

Maybe you're wondering:

"Can I figure out this method of cold emailing & pitching

on my own?"

Sure, but you don't HAVE to wade through the agonizing trenches of cold emailing, battling the defeating silence and self-doubt.

I already did that.

And now I'm offering you a shortcut.

You can learn from my mistakes. So you see results and new clients faster, and money in your bank account sooner.

So you up-level to getting clients both today...

...and a steady flow of new clients forever and ever.

If you implement exactly what I'm about to teach you, here's the type of revenue impact it could have in your business:

I got a $20,000 client with one cold sales email at the start of my business.

Over the next 5 years, I've made $231,266 (and counting) in sending cold emails -- while working as a fulltime mom and creating a family.

In fact, I don't use any other marketing strategy -- other than cold emails.

But it's not just me seeing these results...

Raven Douglas, a copywriter, closed $30,000 in new clients from just cold emails. Including one extremely lucrative retainer client.

Brynn Johnson, a certified life coach, got a $10,000 new client from one cold email.


The Zero Opens to Full Pipeline Program


Module 1 - Mise En Place

How to have the right cold emailing mindset & the tech you need


Module 2 - Cold Email Framework

The successful cold email framework and why The Relevancy Method is your cold email's foundation. You'll learn how to find your lead, the 7 types of cold emails (and how to use 'em). all about following up and testing.


Module 3 - Write a Cold Sales Email

How to write a winning cold sales email to get more 1:1 client work.


Module 4 - Write a Podcast Pitch Email

How to write a successful pitch email to land a podcast interview.


Module 5 - Ask an Expert Cold Email

How to write an irresistible pitch email to land a guest post in a top-industry blog or publication.


Module 6 - Guest Post Pitch Email

How to write a cold email asking an expert for a juicy quote or ask an industry expert to share your guest post.


Module 7 - Guest Webinar or Workshop Pitch

How to write a pitch email to present a webinar or workshop for someone else's audience.


Module 8 - Top-Secret Moves to Up-Level

My top-secret ninja moves to up-level your cold email and transform it from freezing cold to "oh hey, I've heard of this person!"

Training value: $3,147

Support & Resources to Help You Succeed

I want to see you get results. That's the measure of success for me... and for you.

This isn't a "love 'em and leave 'em" type of program.

I'm with you on your journey, giving you support for 3 solid months. As Adam Grant, bestselling author of Think Again, says:


Adam Grant

"The most important quality in a mentor, teacher, or coach is not how much they know. It's how much they care."

Which is why I put together this level of support -- that's never seen --

on a self-paced online program:

The Slack Support Squad

(value $3,997)

This ain't a love 'em and leave 'em program.

Get your questions answered and get back to getting sh*t done with my support. No detailed reviews of cold emails are done.

For 3 whole months, ask me quick questions inside the private Slack group to help you get unstuck and keep moving. Btw, it's actually me on the other side of Slack. I'm not outsourcing this to outside coaches.


If you need support later, you'll have an opportunity to get this same level of support after the initial 3 months has ended.

Office Hours

(value $4,887)

Drop in the monthly 1-hour Office Hours Zoom call that happens on the 4th Thursday of every month.

With ME.

You're not asking questions of an outside coach -- you get me and my brain inside this Zoom room.

These super casual sessions are designed to help you with the more complicated questions (i.e., a question leads to another question). You choose to stick around and listen to others' questions or bounce. Totally up to you.

These sessions are only offered live. No recordings are made.

Btw, you can't buy private 1:1 sessions with me anymore. This is one of two ways to get my attention and focus on you.

And ditto on the above PS

Cold Email Scripts & Tools

(value $2,997)

You'll use these plug-n-play templates as a killer starting point for your cold emails. Each template is fully customizable, so you aren't shoehorned into a specific email format.

Rather, your cold email sounds like YOU.

Not me 'cuz it isn't my cold email. It's yours.

Or if you need some outside-the-box inspiration, check out the swipe files. They're guaranteed to start your ideas spinning and the words flowing.

These are some of my personal templates and swipes that I've used to get my private clients awesome results like a 33% uplift in positive replies.

You'll also get:

  • Spreadsheet and software recommendations (that are free software!) to stay organized in your cold emailing
  • Recommended list of free tools, so you're not wasting time searching for the right software

Support & resources value: $11,881

Total value: $15,027

8 program training modules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value: $1,499)

63 videos and over-the-shoulder tutorials . . . . . (Value: $1,499)

Effortless follow ups with 3 email templates . . . . . (Value: $500)

9 fill-in-the-blanks cold sales emails . . . . . . . . . . . (Value: $1,110)

11 real-life successful partnership emails. . . . . . . .(Value: $1,108)

Lead list spreadsheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value: $280)

Subject line generator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value: $147)

3 one-hour Office Hours for 3 months . . . . . . . . .(Value: $4,887)

Private Slack group access for 3 months . . . . . . .(Value: $3,997)

Total Value = $15,027

Your investment = $1,997

8 program training modules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value: $1,499)

63 videos and over-the-shoulder tutorials . . . . . . . .(Value: $1,499)

Effortless follow ups with 3 email templates . . . . . . . (Value: $500)

9 fill-in-the-blanks cold sales emails . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value: $1,110)

11 real-life successful partnership emails. . . . . . . . . .(Value: $1,108)

Lead list spreadsheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value: $280)

Subject line generator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value: $147)

12 one-hour Office Hours for 6 months . . . . . . . . (Value: $15,140)

Private Slack (w 24 hr replies) for 6 mos . . . . . . . . (Value: $9,994)

Private coaching sessions with Laura . . . . . . . . . . (Value: $23,774)

Email critiques & detailed strategic feedback . . (Value: $20,198)

Total Value = $75,249

Your investment = $7,500

A 6-month payment plan is available

they said


"I've booked $32,300 in new clients from

sending cold emails using Laura's process."

"It deeply perturbs me to market. It's exhausting. I don't want to do it for myself.

Hanging out in Facebook groups doesn't have even a decent ROI, to be honest. So that's why I started cold pitching in the first place.

But I'm so tired of the "spray and pray· approach where it's all about contacting 10 or more companies a week to get maybe 1 or 2 clients in a month. Which isn't terrible, but it's definitely longer than I would've liked.

After Zero Opens to Full Pipeline, I've seen amazing ROI off just new clients.

Like when I signed three new clients in two weeks. And the one new $6,300 client that I booked in six days.

And one $2,500/month retainer client for a six month trial period, bringing in a total of $15,000 with that one client.

Something about implementing Laura's process for cold email made it very easy to smoothly move into retainer work, so we both went into the project feeling more comfortable. That made the project work more seamlessly.

In total, I've booked $32,300 in new clients from sending cold emails using Laura's process."


"Laura's system is still getting my business in­ front of 7-10 new prospects a week."

"Laura's cold email coaching program is spectacular. In the very first month, my response rate went from 4% to 20% - and I'm thrilled with the results.

She breaks down every step of creating an effective business email: from the subject line to grabbing the recipient's attention and also how often to follow up (something I've been way too shy about in the past!)

All her advice is based on data she's collected from sending and testing thousands of emails.

The main benefit is that even though I'm fully booked up, the system is still getting my business in-front of 7-10 new prospects a week. Should help prevent the boom and bust cycle."


Sure, inside Zero Opens to Full Pipeline, you'll learn The Relevancy Method which helps you permanently ditch the salesy or sleazy feeling in sending a cold sales email.

Instead, you'll see positive "yes" replied flooding your inbox from prospective leads and partners who are...

... pumped to work with you

... instantly see you as the expert and authority

... and let you escape the tumor-inducing revenue rollercoaster and slide right into profitability.

But unlike other programs, I don't want you to wait 6 weeks (or more!) to see a win.

Enroll today and I promise you'll feel confident, excited and eager to send cold emails ...

... and when you send your cold emails, you'll see replies.

If you do the work and aren't happy with your investment at the end of those

30 days, I will refund 100% of your purchase.

You can see our full refund policy here.


"I got a 33% response rate on THE FIRST DAY."

I'm booking discovery calls left and right, my pipeline is full, and my system is almost automatic now.

I didn't know cold emailing could work this well, or get me new clients this quickly."


"Laura's the obvious go-to for business emails (especially the cold variety}."

"There's huge ROI for email copy ... unless you get it wrong. That's why we love Laura.

She's had soooo much experience writing and testing emails that 'getting it wrong' just isn't an option for her.

She's the obvious go-to for business emails (especially the cold variety)."

answers to your questions

"Ok, let's get real. Do cold emails work anymore in this Covid world?

They do.

Lemme tell you why: in this world hyper-focused on personal interactions and standing up for others· rights, people are starving for connection. For a moment to be heard.

For another person to see them ...

truly see them ..

and their needs and desires. Which is what your cold email will do.

There's sooo many cold emails out there. Mine could never stand out... right?"

Actually - there's so many POORLY written cold emails out there.

Emails that are so salesy, slick, and slimy that you wanna puke. Think about the last cold email you got in your inbox. Probably clicked delete on that sucker, am I right?

So, really, the bar for cold emails is set so low you could almost step over it.

By "step over it," I mean: you don't have to write a spectacular cold email that wins a Pulitzer Prize or persuade Oprah to come out of retirement just to slap a "Oprah's Book Club" sticker on it.

All you need your cold email to do is: beat your competition.

Who is, frankly, making it very easy for you to beat them. When you use The Relevancy Method as you'll get inside Zero Opens to Full Pipeline, you'll get the proven game plan on writing a winning cold email.

"I'm super nervous about clicking send on a cold email. Ack!

I get it.

Sending cold emails to a stranger is scary. However - they WANT to hear from you.

l,000x more when you're answering the question in their head,

"What's in it for me?"

When you send an effective cold email, you're solving your recipient's problem. AKA: you're helping them.

As for your fear?

That's why you get 3 months of Office Hours. I'll help you move past your fear. But you gotta be cool in doing the work and facing it.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said:

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you can't."

"I need to have a website. lead magnet. and my email sequences finished before sending cold emails. right?"

NOPE! You don't need any of that.

I know because I started cold emailing when my website was a personal blog featuring book reviews. I hadn't even created an opt-in or lead magnet. And my email list had 0 subscribers. Not even my mom was on my list.

As for email sequences? Pshaw, I didn't have those either.

Let me be frank, my friend:

You thinking you need those things? That's your fear talking, throwing up roadblocks.

My best student who brought in over $30,000 in new clients from cold emails?

Her website says: "under construction."

All you need to cold email is the drive to get new clients and bring in money .... and the knowledge on how to write them the right way. Which I'll show you inside Zero Opens to Full Pipeline.

"If I just add personalization to my cold emails, that'll get my recipient to say yes, right?"

7 years ago, I would've said: yes.


Today's a little different. According to research, business professionals get an average of 84 emails/day. You need more teeth than simple personalization - like inserting first name and company name - to cut through that heavy inbox noise.

The Relevancy Method gives you those extra teeth and infuses your cold email with persuasive power from first line to sign-off.

Think of that method as,

Releasing the battle-scarred, gigantic T-Rex from the inner depths of Jurassic Park to fight the inbred socially-inept reptile who relies only on a few techniques of knowing first name and company name.

"Am I sending these cold emails to leads on LinkedIn?"

Nope, you're sending the cold emails via your Gmail inbox.

Linkedln is a chaotic mass of people pitching within mere seconds of meeting each other.

Meaning: everyone's expecting that behavior and their guard is up. So, it's harder to get a yes.

You want to create a human relationship with your recipient ASAP.

Sending an email still has that flavor of an old-fashioned letter, a you-to-me connection. Which is one of your biggest advantages in sending a cold email.

Don't you want to use that killer advantage?

Am I cold calling leads?"

No cold calling here.

This program is 100% focused on cold emailing.

Which is more likely to get a "yes" from a lead (because they aren't pressured into a yes they'll later regret}, poses less risk of rejection, and is just less scary than a 1:1 interaction like a phone call.

"I like the program, but I want more accountability. Do I get access to you for cold email reviews and private coaching?"

You're looking for The Growth Multiplier Mentorship.

Inside that mentorship, you get:

  • Detailed cold email critiques
  • 2x more Office Hours group coaching
  • Accountability and check-ins if you've been quiet for too long
  • 2x as many email templates & swipes
  • Private 1-on-1 coaching with me (this is the ONLY private coaching I offer)

If you want a seasoned partner -- like me -- by your side on your cold email journey, Growth Multiplier Mentorship might be perfect for you.

For more details, email with the subject line "Mentor me" in the subject line.

"Hm, ok, but if I implemented exactly what you're gonna show me, what type of revenue impact could I see?"

I got a $20,000 client with one cold sales email. But it's not just me seeing these results.

Raven Douglas, a launch strategist, closed $30,000 in new clients from just cold emails. Including one lucrative retainer client.

Brynn Johnson, a certified life coach, got a $10,000 new client from one cold email.

If you got 2 new $5k (totally doable, btw!) clients a month with cold emails and pitching, that equals $120,000 a year.


"Cold emailing now feels like a fun project!"

"Cold emailing has always felt really daunting and heavy

to me. Now it feels almost like a fun project. It's kind of


I've made about $10,000 from my cold emails and one of

my clients from a cold email is now a recurring

client. Thanks again!!"


"Laura's insight on how to write a cold email landed my first $SK client"

"Hard to believe that ONE email to a stranger can result

in that much but - with Laura's expertise on what to

write and how to write it - it did!

Before Laura's course, I was fiddling with a word here or

there in my cold emails. Her insight completely

revamped my process.

She's smart and strategic and helped me land real,

willing (and my ideal) clients.

What an incredibly powerful feeling! If you're in need of

clients and don't know where to start, start HERE."